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Wireless Site Survey Templates & Checklist

In this blog post we are going to be touching base on the latest videos that I made on the wireless site survey checklist and wireless site survey template. Due to the pandemic we are still not offering in house or in class seminars. We have found that our virtual zoom calls and slack meetings have been working great for all of our WiFi technical meetings and more.

This blog post is for all of the junior and senior technicians out there studying in the 802.11 WiFi space or for entrepreneurs looking to start their own WiFi consulting business. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and yes getting a little bored of it but I do love meeting new people. Hence the channel of creating content on Youtube and on LinkedIn that has enabled me to connect with all of you.

As you can see below is my wireless site survey template video. Its a template that has constantly changed as many customer require different things. I’ve seen many wireless site survey templates and most of them are very similar. Some of the different things that I’ve seen in these templates are wiring measurements back to the DMARC or from point of wireless access point to interface switch. Some other things that I’ve seen on wireless site survey templates are switch images and specific ports to connect to. Usually I leave this up to the IT team to manage and make sure that they are aware of available ports in a network.

Before I continue and if our viewers and readers are looking for a wireless site survey company or companies to deal with in Toronto visit https://innovativedigitalgroup.com/wireless-site-survey-toronto/

In the next section below this is one of the most important things you can do as a WiFi technician is getting your checklist ready. I use to just wing things when I was working in a corporate office as I have had so much experience doing wireless site surveys. The companies that I use to deal with were pretty knowledgeable of how we operate so it was easier for us to perform the survey very fast. At times we deal with different companies that weren’t as familiar with us and using the wireless site survey checklist was great. Many times you forget to ask the simple questions to the partner or company about existing wireless WiFi equipment and sometimes the little things like scissor lifts being charged, main point of contact and more.

For reference and for me not to drag this blog post too long watch the recent video I created below.

Below you will see a video of a wireless site survey report or example.

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