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All About The Zebra ZT220 Barcode Label Printer

In today’s blog we are going to be talking about the zebra zt T220 barcode warehouse industrial printer. The zebras ZT220 barcode printer specifications are down below this is a great starter printer that many of us can use in the warehouse because it’s one of zebras top selling products that is known to be a workhorse in warehouse management systems.  If you’re interested in purchasing this specific printer we do have a showroom and demo of this zebra ZT220 barcode warehouse label printer in our office in Toronto or just outside of Toronto in Markham.

The ZT220 is one of the entry line style printers from zebra Motorola compared to the older style printers that were belt driven as you can see these new printers or these warehouse management printers barcode printers do not have belts the maintenance and preventative maintenance of these printers are a lot easier than the older style of the SL105 SL zebra printers.

The downfall of this printer is that there is no display screen for the zebra ZT220 you just have a pause feed cancel button for your display an calibration is done that through manual feed and more.

So now we’re going to talk about the ZT200 series part numbers the part numbers for the ZT series two of the same parts which is the control panel the electronics cover the media cover as well as a front lower panels for the ZT200 and a ZT230 they are all very similar they do have different part numbers but they are very similar to install when troubleshooting and that is for the outer casing parts the next data parts organ to be discussing is the print mechanism for the ZT220 warehouse management printer label printer for the print mechanisms we have the print head which is a 203 DPI zed T200 series we have a print head for the 300 dpi’s at T 200 series the next part is going to be a thermal transfer print mechanism for the ZT200 series that includes a ribbon sensor with cable printer cables and ground contacts.

The next part is a direct thermal mechanisms at T220 series includes printed cables an ground contacts another part that you might want to change which is an inexpensive item is a toggle bar for the ZT200 series the next part is a ribbon strip plate and a ribbon static brush for the ZT T200 series and the last part is a ground contact ZT200.

One of the most important parts of a printer and troubleshooting the printer is the platen roller the platen roller on a zebra is an inexpensive part but it is a part that usually gets changed because of dust oil and build up a lot of times you’ll see marks on a paper or an indentation because of miss management of the print head and opening the case and poor management and maintenance of this printer. The platen roller for the ZT220 is used for the ZT200 series on the electronics side we’re going to be talking about these 8020 barcode label printer includes an internal wireless 802 eleven radio card for US and Canada there is also an internal print server for the ZT220 and if you are printing through the parallel port they have a parallel port for the ZT220 the next part is a power supply in the main logic board if it’s a main logic board the main logic board is an expensive item to replace you might consider getting a refurbished device that has a great motherboard because all of the accessories and other parts like the platen roller the print head the print server are not as expensive.

You also have a replacement antenna for the 802. 11 radio and the USA power cord the next part that usually gets defective the third most popular part I would say is the media sensor so the head open the media sensor and the ribbon sensor are all parts that usually have to be changed every so often. Aside from changing the print head and the platen roller which already these warehouse label barcode printers are all the parts that need to be changed off then due to excessive printing.

One recommendation to have done is to clean an air compressor printer at the end of each day to avoid a large amount of dust buildup on the rollers and on the media sensors especially if a printer is not being used often.

The next part for handling the printer repair for the zebras are the drive gears the drive gears for the ZT220 come in four different parts so depending on the DPI and the serial number depending on the serial number if it’s greater than a certain number you will have to order a specific supply ending with 029. For all of your Zebra barcode printer repair / repairs give us a call at 416-350-8032 or visit or Google business page here;

Zebra Printer Repair Near Me (Toronto)