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Barcode Inventory Management System and Setup

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In today’s video and blog, we want to go over this question that we get a lot from our customers and for the people who are watching this video or who is calling us. If you’re a warehouse or if you’re in supply chain logistics or 3PL. We’re a group in Markham that takes care of all of your barcoding needs. We take care of all of your wireless printers and RF scanners are also known as mobile devices.

This is an example of a type of gun that the majority of the warehouses carry and like Walmart can it be entire or that might have in your house. This is like an MC 9090, MC 9060, MC 9210, or MC 9300. It’s made by the same manufacturer as the symbol Zebra, Motorola and we also do carry like tech logic Zion products as well as Honeywell and Intermac.

So, we get a lot of this question “How can we get them repaired?” and  “Do we have loners available?” If you’re getting into a temporary warehouse or supply chain environment that you need to get rentals. We have rentals as per week basis. It’s roughly about 100 hours a week but it really depends on availability and stock. So, we’ve done anything from as low as 5 units to up to about a hundred units.

100 units are a little tougher. 20-30 is probably what we usually do but like I said it all depends on the availability because some of our customers like to keep them for a longer period of time. We try and limit it to about two months total and if not then we try and get them into like a refurbished unit because we could get you a refurbished unit for about 200 and 95 dollars with a year warranty. That’s the first thing I want to go over.

The second thing I want to go over is the RMA portal again like I mentioned don’t send your scanners to our location because if there’s no Associated RMA then it kind of gets lost with like a hundred other guns and then we have to figure out and our staff has to go through which unit belongs to who where did you send it etc. The best thing to do is come over to our website. Then click on Barcode printer and scanner repair. You can see RMA and click that. But, the first thing you need to do is email us and say I have a bunch of units that we need to send for an RMA for repair. We will email you back with an RMA number then click on the form and all you need to do is fill out the form. Then press submits then print that off. Put it in the box with your scan guns and then we’ll get you to quote for that or if it’s underneath maintenance repair contract then we’ll figure that out. Usually, if you want one unit underneath that repair maintenance contract. It ranges from 18 to 22 dollars depends on.

The main thing is the type of Integrated scanner if it’s a long-range 1D 2D 3D x-ray etc. I want to keep the shorts for current customers. 

Barcode Inventory Management System and Setup in Toronto.

How to set up a barcode inventory management system for your 3pl or logistic environment.

We are authorized resellers of Zebra , Honeywell, and Staylink and SOTI.

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