airMAX® WISP Customer Access Point

The airGateway is an airMAX® WISP customer Wi-Fi solution. It simultaneously connects indoor client devices and powers the outdoor airMAX CPE.

Models: AG‑PRO‑INS, airGateway, airGateway‑LR, AMG‑PRO


The airGateway seamlessly bridges airMAX® connectivity to Wi-Fi for client devices at the customer’s location. Use the airOS® Configuration Interface to provision the airGateway, monitor its configuration and restrict/enable customer management.

The airGateway features an innovative design that interlocks with an existing airMAX® PoE Adapter. Designed for performance and reliability, the airGateway delivers Wi-Fi connectivity with 99.9% uptime. The airGateway Installer makes installing consumer premises equipment (CPE) easier and more efficient. Position, provision, and configure the CPE at the point of installation.


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