//Meraki MX64 Review

Meraki MX64 Review

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Today we’re going to review the MX 64. I just wanted to give you an overview of what we’ve seen online. We sell a lot of other vendor firewalls and wireless products. We sell the power of Meraki and completely transition to a cisco Meraki shop just because we love the dashboard.

When you start dealing with the full stock of Meraki from the switch of firewall on the wireless and some of the security cameras. You’ll see how powerful the dashboard is and how easy intuitive it is. Especially when you’re running a managed service provider or cloud-managed IT department or business. You really want the ease of use and put this kind of product into your customers’ hands. In the event, they can’t get a hold of you. They can always contact Cisco Meraki directly, then, start troubleshooting. You’ll notice just the power and how easy it.

Working with their technicians from ordering to receiving the product. You can see, how well the product is boxed. I think this is why we see many reviews. Also, I think this is the reason why you see Meraki or Cisco Meraki growing so fast.

In the video, I presented you with some reviews of the Cisco Meraki MX 64 from Amazon. It has a 5 out of 5. The pricing is a little bit different because this has a 1-year advanced security license. In amazon.com we have about 4.2 ratings out of 5. Like I mentioned we sell this device to a lot of our customers in the local Greater Toronto Area and our customers love it. They love the dashboard. A lot of our customers are actually started with the MR Wireless product. I quickly put in an MS switched and they found, how easy it was to troubleshoot a problem. Once you start mixing different vendors. You ger a lot of finger-pointing matches between. It’s not my Wireless. The problem is with the switch.

Once you start working with the full stock. You could actually see the whole technology from the firewall down to the MS, how the pockets go from your layer seven devices down to your layer 2 to your MR wireless. It is easy to troubleshoot and especially because it’s in the cloud.

The Meraki technicians on the other line. The phone is going to be able to see everything that you see from the Meraki dashboard cloud and they could even run wire capture traces right on the spot. Even if you didn’t have your senior tech available or your senior tech was busy isolating a different issue. They could even pass this on to a junior technician. Sometimes I’ve even seen as an administrative assistant hop on the phone tell Meraki they have an issue and they can take care of that issue.

Another review. I presented in the video the IT Central Station. They gave it 4.2 out of 5. Overall it is a great device.

Those are the reviews that we see online and my personal opinion of the Meraki products especially the MX 64.

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