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Meraki MX64 Quick Set Up

If you want to see the full video, please see it below or you can go to my channel Innovative Digital Group

In order to set up Meraki MX 64. The first thing you do is log in to your dashboard. Once you are into your dashboard what you’ll see is the list of devices. If you have an MS Switch you’ll actually see a switch over on the left side showing on the video. If you have the MR series, you’ll actually see the MR category called wireless.

I do have a Meraki Z1 which is a teleworker gateway. If you have the teleworker gateway you’ll see it on the left-side showing in the image below. As we add the MX security appliance you’ll see firewall or appliance in that area as well.

In order to quickly set up your MX 64, the first thing you want to do is get your license and your order number from your value reseller whoever sold you that product.

Once you get that email from your vendor or if you don’t have that email you could always add it by serial number. Just go to “Organization” and click “inventory”. Once you’re there, you could actually claim your MX 64. The first thing you need to do check on the outside of the box, you’ll actually see a serial number.

Once you’ve purchased this MX 64 from a valid authorized Cisco reseller that will be put it from Cisco Meraki itself and that serial number will be validating it and that’ll give you the ability just to look on the outside of that box, put in the serial number and it’ll be tied into your organization.

Within your organization, Cisco already has your company name, the IT administrator, etc. Then, you can click on the claim. If you need some help you could see where can I find these numbers.

On MX64 just on the box, you could actually look at the little label, it’ll be in silver and you actually see the serial number right at the back of the rectangle box. You can enter it to the box down and click the claim. Here’s the image

Once I’ve added and claimed it you’ll actually see it on the right side. Once the Meraki MX64 installed you can see it in security and sd-wan that you can find in the left corner. Now you can start configuring it and the first area that you probably want to go into is addressing envy lane to quickly set up or DCP but the main first part you want to actually go into is addressing a VLAN. You could actually go to LAN Configuration and you can add your first static route.

I didn’t want to get too much into the configuration of setting up an MX 64 from scratch because that would be a pretty lengthy video but in order to add your MX 64 with your serial number and to claim it in your organization that is how you do it. I’ll do another video on how to set up the core basics that’ll probably take about half an hour just to go through the quick set up. It’s fairly easy but there is a lot to gather in terms of when IP, whether you need to, reserve DCP and the uplink and some of the ports that you need to open depending on if you’re doing branch to branch and so on.

Meraki MX64 Quick Set Up. This will just go over how to quickly set it up but not get too deep into VPN set up and more. I’ll create another video on the full set up as it will probably take me more than 5-6 hours to create the video. For pricing, review, and other information visit our blog post on it;

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