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Meraki MX64 Default Username and Password

This is all about How to default Cisco Meraki 64 MX from scratch as well as how to recover the username and password. Let’s say if you’ve gone to a customer site, it got defaulted or you took one of your MX 64 to another site location and you needed to put into different Ip to get it online and to see it from the dashboard to get access to.

In MX 64 you actually see on the back of it. If you flip it upside down, you’ll see the MAC address and the serial number. Make sure to take note of the serial number put into a text document, so you could copy and paste it into the username and password. After you documented this serial number, grab your MX 64, plug the power in and take internet cable plug-in from your PC to one of the available ports on the MX64.

Next, go to setup.Meraki.com or you can log in with the username and password. Then go to setup.meraki.com or you can go to MX.meraki.com. The full URL is HTTP://mx.meraki.com with that serial number. You will put the serial number to the User name with the password blank. Then click log in.

Once you log in to your MX64. Put your IP make sure it is connected to the internet. Then, you’re gonna be able to see the MX64 in your dashboard and do all the configuration from there. If you still don’t have internet access, you could still configure it from this part.