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Meraki MR Access Point Installation Setup – Warehouse /WMS

Ron: (00:00)
Hey, all Ron with innovative digital group. In today’s video, we’re going to show you how to install an MRR 33 in a warehouse environment.

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Ron: (00:12)
Okay. So our group in Toronto does a lot of installations primary about 90% of the time. We installed a lot of warehouse management solutions or systems. So a lot of our mr series on Rocky series are actually installed in warehouse ceilings or in the rafters, would do about 10 to 15% in office buildings and outdoor kind of environments. But in today’s video we’re going to go over the MRI 33 and what comes in the box and how to install it in your warehouse environment. So here’s AMR 33 in the components that it comes with. The access point itself. Yeah, your bracket and then the accessories for the installation. So in the installation kit that it comes with, it comes with your anchors, your which screws. Sure. And then your ceiling clip tile. So this is your [inaudible]. This would actually be used in your typical office environment.

To see the full video please see below on the Meraki MR access point installation

Mr Installation – Tips
Very easy to install. And on the right side here, we actually have, um, you know, your standard ethernet cable. Okay. Higher ups and some steel mounting brackets that I use sometimes, occasionally. But, uh, in this video we’re actually doing a warehouse management type of installation. Okay. Um, you’ll actually see two boards here, which we typically use just depending on which customer that we’re dealing with. Um, I would say about 95% of our customers would be using, okay. Okay. This, Oh two by two a piece of plywood just to install in the warehouse ceiling Raptors and then, uh, that would just be hanging or they would actually choose this depending on, you know, if they’re a food company and they had requirements, um, from their supplier that they can have would just because of the chips that would be falling. So yeah. When you’re doing a typical installation for a, your mr 33, typically what I like to do is just have the mr 33 mounting bracket just installed here.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. Grab any of your wood screws, put it there right in the middle. And if you’re wondering what these holes are used for, and the tie wraps is just an easy installation to the rafters of the ceiling. So when it’s up in the ceiling, you’d actually, okay have your mr 33 mounting bracket screwed in and installed in here. Then you would just, the way this gets installed is if you see that little clip here, you’d put in that part first and then just snap it in and you hear a little click, okay. Okay. Just like that. And you could actually secure the MRR 33, just some this little slot, that little hole here with one of these screws over here.

So one side has mounting to your board. Uh, these two holes are actually used for the secure a tie wraps. And these are maybe roughly about three feet. And you could just get this at your local home Depot or hardware store in [inaudible], but actually you just install, okay, these tie wraps in this fashion. Okay? And if you just picture this in the ceiling, um, and you flip it upside down, your MRI 33 is mounted this way and then you just flip it around and then you just install these parts into the joist of that warehouse. And that’s typically how we do a lot of our installations. Um, I know a lot of installers from what I’ve seen, uh, they would use these steel clips now with these clips or these, these mounting brackets. Um, they’re pretty sturdy, but you know, it just really depends on how thick your board is.

Ron: (04:31)
Um, there’s just a number of way. I just find it easier to use ease. Um, I’ve had access points in installed lists, this type of scenario and, and you know, they’re still up there 10 years after, so, and that’s pretty much it for our warehouse management, um, system and as an installation. And that is it for your mr 33 access point installation. So just another recap, an overview to release this. You could actually just, when this is in the ceiling, you just take out the screw there. I usually don’t put this screw in there just because when I’m taking down an access point, if it needs repair or it needs to be taken down, it’s just a lot easier just to push on this little lever and it just snaps. And when it’s back in this daily and you just do the reverse fashion, put in that side first and then you’ll hear a click okay like that.

Ron: (05:37)
So that’s the installation of a mr 33 access point or a Muraki mr. access point in a warehouse ceiling. That’s how we like to install our, our APS and the ceiling just like that. And I was just created with just a regular hammer. Oh with large bid on it. And the last part is just the ethernet cable is pretty straightforward on the EMR. 33 it’s just a one porks. I’ll get that in [inaudible]. And on the mounting bracket you’ll actually see a little groove here, right? And that’s for your ethernet cable just to go in. So slide that in and before you snap it and just align kind of, if you could see that, that little groove, make sure that your ethernet cables in there and then just, uh, quickly click it in. Hey guys, thanks for watching the video. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions, just ask the questions below. Let me know what you liked or disliked about the video. Oh, let me know what you want to learn more about it. It’s the AMR series using the dashboard. Um, if you want to learn more about wireless access points, setups using murky system, uh, just comment below in some next time.

Meraki MR 33/42 access point installation setup for WMS/warehouse type of environments. In this video I go through a standard setup for how we install the MR series access point in warehouses. Our next video will be how we quickly configure the MR access point and best practices on how we configure the client side or RF/Zebra unit (MC series). Please don’t forget to subscribe, like and click the bell notification. Interested in working with us? We are an authorized Cisco Meraki partner in the greater Torono area. We provide location installation services and have local installers for our Cisco Meraki products. Business enquires: ron [at] innovativedigitalgroup.com Looking to renew your Cisco meraki license online? We provide quick license renewals online on our secure shopify site https://www.buyciscomerakionline.com Contact us to see if your organization qualifies for additional discounting (Educational, Non profit). cisco meraki access point setup meraki access point installation guide how to configure cisco meraki access point how to configure meraki access point cisco meraki access point mr33 add meraki access point to network cisco meraki access point datasheet cisco meraki access point configuration cisco meraki access point price cisco meraki mr33 wireless access point cisco meraki access point installation cisco meraki mr33 access point configuration cisco meraki mr33 access point price how to set up meraki access point cisco meraki access point how to install meraki access point



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