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MC 9090 92n0 Zebra Symbol Laser Scanner Repair Price

If you want to see the full video, please see it below or you can go to my channel Innovative Digital Group

In today’s video and blog we have the MC 9200. If you want to figure out what model you have when you send us in for repair but if you’re sending this in for a barcode repair in our Toronto location on Markham. The first thing you want to do is you’ll see the serial numbers on that image that I point. It will give us a lot of information about what type of scan engine memory etc.

When we go to repair your scan engine. This is the integrated scan engine (image shows below) When we go to repair. We scan it. We know the exact part you need and we could provide you a quote based on that part number. We don’t necessarily have to see it, we can give you a quote based on that part number. 

As you can see the MC 9090 and the MC 9200 looks very similar Even the MC 9060. The 9060 came out a while ago and that is probably like 12 years old and this is probably about 9 years old the MC 9090. The MC9200 came out probably about 4 years ago and now they have the MC9300 which looks very similar to MC9200. It just has different processing power maybe a little different display but overall the feel and the look is the same. It just might have different options like better Wi-Fi etc.

Typically when you order this scanner or when you have it repaired. The majority of the problems like what we see this for going in for repair is either the display, the keyboard, backup battery, or a docking issue, and then the last we’re gonna touch based on the repair cost for a long-range scanner. So, this particular scanner for one of my customers has the Lorax scanner. The Lorax scanner is the most expensive and most aggressive scanner that you can get for the MC9300. Basically what that enables an individual or an operator to do when scanning is you scan near or you can scan far or very far like you can scan retro-reflective labels about 10 feet away, 20 feet away. It has a really nice spot.

If you do get a standard range scanner your only limit to scanning maybe about this close (image shows below) It really limits you and that’s why a lot of people order either the Lorax Scanner or kinda near-far scanner. They call it near-far and then the later model. In the Lorax scanner you can scan 1D, 2D, 3D Barcodes. The cost to get the scan engine repaired. So we had a customer send this unit info scan engine repair and the rough estimate for getting this repaired in the Canadian dollar is about 350 dollars to get the scan engine repaired. We reupload your software so that includes all the labor, the part etc. We just ship on behalf of your pure later account or your PS account or FedEx account. Or, there’s an alternative, you can have this underneath the contract for about roughly around $20. It just depends on what you want us to do.

A lot of our customers will have us reload all of the software whether it’s you’re running your man head in OS, WNS, red peri or high jump WMS or etc. We will upload all your firmware. Reload all your settings. Network settings, all for roughly $20/month per unit. The typical customers will send in about 50 units on contract roughly about $20/month.

Like I said it starts around $20. That’s the rough estimate if you didn’t have anything a contract. The rough estimate to repair this unit is just for the scan engine like I mentioned is about $350. It depends on what scan engine you have. It could be a lot lower because the scan engine, the Lorax which is like a near-far scanner is the most expensive scanner out there.

Like I mentioned. A lot of other common issues when fixing this radio frequency RF barcode scanner devices is the keypad, the display. We’ve seen a lot of units to come in that were brush or run over forklift and we managed to repair this as well for roughly about 850. At least it beats buying a brand new unit. The unit that came in ad was completely crushed. It was kind of sideways to handle. It needed a new display. Instead of buying a brand new unit for about 2000 and 2500 we were able to get them pretty much an almost brand new device for about $850 fully repaired.

If you wanna send your barcode scanners in for repair in Toronto or across North America. Go to our site Innovative Digital Group limited and you’ll see the tab barcode and you’ll see an RMA. Remember to contact us first to get your RMA then you can fill out the form with your RMA number and then just ship it to us and then we’ll ship it back to you on your account. Rough estimate is probably about 5-7 days. It does take a little while for us to get a quote if you do send them in because we have to individually inspect the device because sometimes there are certain keys that aren’t functioning so we have to go through every single key and to see if it’s just an overlay or the under pad or just a ribbon cable. It does take time to get a proper quote but once we get you that quote you’re roughly looking about 5 to seven business days for the repair and then courier transit times.

If you have questions reach out to us at Innovative Digital Group. Support at Innovativedigitalgroup.com.

MC 9090 92n0 Zebra Symbol Laser Scanner Repair Price Price to repair internal lorax scanner on a MC9090 MC92n0 MC9060 series Zebra, Motorola RF scanner device. These are in Canadian prices are our main office is just outside of Toronto in a suburb Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Give us a call for a quick quote for a service contract for your wireless mobile scan guns or barcode scanning devices.

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