//In Need Of a Zebra Barcode Printer Repair Tech?

In Need Of a Zebra Barcode Printer Repair Tech?

If you in the local greater Toronto area than look no further. We’re located right outside of the Toronto area in Markham, Ontario. This helps many of our customers who require their issues with their barcode label printers. Many of our customers who are under a preventive maintenance plan significantly save more money when they select us. The reason being is because under the preventive maintenance plan we routinely clean out, dust, wipe and care for each and all of your barcode label printers. We don’t just specialize in Zebra barcode printers but service, sell and fix Intermec/Honeywell & Sato printers. We carry most popular printer partsin our service vehicles. Such as the PM series by Intermec Honeywell as well as Sato’s CL series and M84 or M84 pro barcode label printers.

If you require one of our more popular parts for the Zebra ZT 410 than contact us to order the original printhead or compatible printhead part# Zebra P1058930-009 Thermal Printhead.

Here’s an excellent resource for our customers who have purchased a Zebra ZT410 printhead from us and need to know how to install it.

Barcode Label Self Maintenance

Some recommendations when caring for your ZT or barcode printer is after each shift is to routinely use an air compressor to blow all of the dust out of the printer and use Iso propylene alcohol 99% to wipe down major components such as the rollers. Make sure to consult with one of our technicians to make sure you don’t avoid any warranty by trying to replace parts that were not purchased from us for your barcode label printer. Blowing out the printer and wiping the components down should be a routine daily task. Always use iso propylene alcohol and a lint-free cloth. It’s always best to wear protective gloves so debris and oil from your fingers and other contaminants don’t get on the printhead.

If you need the latest drivers, software, instructions for your Zebra barcode label printer than click here ; https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/printers/industrial/zt410.html

How long will my barcode printers printhead last?

To be honest that’s a difficult question. It’s almost asking the same question as to how long will my car last? If you properly care for your barcode label printer as mentioned above you have a greater chance of having it last longer. If you’re under our preventive maintenance plan and have us calibrate & fine-tune your barcode printer than you’ll have the extra care protection plan which will ensure you’ll get the best ROI on your device. Some other general suggestions for placement of your printer is to place it away from any dusty areas of your environment or warehouse. We’ve seen too many printers located right beside areas that are near the manufacturing of woodworking areas, machine cutting and more.

Contact us to schedule your next preventive maintenance appointment for your barcode label printer. Visit https://innovativedigitalgroup.com/

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