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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in Toronto (Surecall Reseller & Partner)

If you want to see the full video, please see it below or you can go to my channel Innovative Digital Group

In today’s blog, I’m gonna show you how to use a Surecall signal booster, We use this in many of our customers’ networks in order to increase bell, rogers, etallis and sometimes a bio network.

I’m gonna go through the installation, the process, how to do the site survey and so on. The first thing I recommend before doing any type of site survey is to grab your cellphone. See if you have a signal outside of your building. If you have a fair amount a decent signal outside then a signal booster will work if it doesn’t then it might be a little more challenging depending if you’re in a rural area or if you’re in the urban city. You also have to look at a line of sight. What could be blocking your signal, is it a building, trees, is there interference. Those are some of the things you should look out for.

Another thing should be looking out for when deploying a signal booster from a short circle or from Wilson or from any other manufacturing company. It is probably the signal in different areas. It might be in a northeast building or on the northeast side but you might want to check the southwest side. It really depends on what’s transmitting outside from the cell towers that are near you.

I’ve been in many scenarios where we’d signal on the north side but on the south side we have a better signal. It’s just a matter of positioning but if you do take your cellphone check all areas around the building check, northeast, and southwest. If you do get a little bit of signal then most likely a certified product like Surecall or Wilson can probably help you boost your signal in terms of 5G. The 5G is new and it’s coming out. That’s a little more challenging because you cover a lot smaller but you get a lot of bandwidth. We’ve been getting a lot of calls and requests for that but it actually needs to be licensed through a carrier.

The first thing you should do after just checking with your cellphone is when you contact us we actually do is we certified site survey. Where we actually look at the DB, the noise and we also have different modes so we can actually look at the LTE band. We could look at different frequencies like for example we have pc’s 1900 here, AWS 2100, LTE, AT&T 737 so those are some of the bands that we like to look at because of a lot of times corporate users are not necessarily stuck to bell or Rogers. Sometimes they have a mix of Bell Rogers Fido tell us and this is where a site survey needs to be performed prior to do any.

The first thing you can do is hop on a call with us. We’ll figure us what carrier you’re using whether it’s Bell Rogers or Tallis or it is just Bell. Then, we can do a survey for your building in your area and just figure out what cellular coverage is available for you.

Anyway, feel free to see the video above and if you have any questions, our contact details are below.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in Toronto (Surecall Reseller & Partner).


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If you need a cell phone booster installation or design in the greater Toronto area please contact us. We cover all of Toronto including Richmond Hill, Markham, Oshawa, Vaughan, North York, Mississauga, London, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brampton, Pickering and more.