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Barcode scanner repair RMA Form For Toronto Canada & Atlanta GA USA

If you want to see the full video, please see it below or you can go to my channel Innovative Digital Group

Barcode scanner repair RMA Form For Toronto Canada & Atlanta GA USA

I just want to make this quick video and blog to show everyone how to submit their RMA for their barcode scanner repair or their barcode label printer repair. We have two service centers that you can send in your defective or broken barcode scanner or printer repair.

If you are in the Toronto area or located in Markham, you can drop off either your barcode printer or your broken RF Scanner device or mobile computer but I kind of make this clear before getting an RMA or sending it. You need an RMA number so just contact us at 416-350-8032 or send us an email or if you’ve been working with us in the past or either worked with me, Diona or Ivan just send us an email and say I need an RMA number with a brief explanation. You say I have 10 units, I need an  RMA number. We’ll provide you an RMA number.

Then the next thing you want to do is submit your information so that our techs can look at all of the issues that you have. Go to Innovative Digital Group. You can click here to Barcode Printer and Scanner repair. This is on our home page

Right there, you can see “If your an existing customer that has a valid contract for scanner or printer repair please use our form to submit your RMA. Click here.  Once you click that, it will bring you to the google form name “RMA-Return Merchandise Authorization Form” that they want you to fill out. In here as well. It shows the 2 addresses to send your defective devices.

So, On the box you’re gonna have a piece of paper that’ll have attention to our company name and then you’re gonna write your RMA number down there. US return is the same thing.

Specify your RMA number and put it on the box looks like this. You can also put your email address. You can get the RMA number via email that we’ll send to you. Usually you can get this in a day. We’re pretty fast.

In the video, we’ll show you how to get through. Kindly check it out. In our service center depending on your contract and depending on if you sent your files and your firmware to us. We will repair the gun, we’ll reload your software as long as you have the IP addresses or we provide us the IP addresses. The security meaning the SSID, the encryption, type in the encryption key. We will load everything back for you. 

If you didn’t specify your contract that you didn’t want the service then we’ll just be repairing the calming problems like your trigger the software and then we’ll send it back to you. If you worked with us before and you provide here your files that say you’re running had in or read software. We load that and if you have another application on top of it like stay link, wavelength Avante. We will reload all of the software necessary and then send back those units to.

Your warehouse can get these scanners. When they receive them they’re working. All they need to do is put in the battery in and it works. That’s the type of service that we provide. Make sure when you fill out the information, make sure you have the model. The serial number and then the description and just do it line by line. The same thing with your barcode label printer.