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Barcode Scanner Repair in Toronto Canada

If you want to see the full video, please see it below or you can go to my channel Innovative Digital Group

I want to create this quick blog for some of our customers that have this device. This is probably the most popular RF scan that we have on the market which is the MC 9090, MC 92N0 and MC 9060. Our company specializes in wireless barcode system.

We run an IDC company, we specialize in barcode scanning technologies primarily we sell support service. These types of devices and connect them to a wireless system. This is also known as a barcode scanner. I did have a call today and customers asking “you do know fixed-mobile computers” but what he referred this was an RF scanner so radio frequency scanner or people who have been in the industry for a long time we call this a barcode scanner.

A mobile barcode scanner or we just call it a Motorola MC scanner but a lot of different names for it. We pretty much call it a barcode scanner or wireless barcode scanner. The difference is we’ve got another one here with a regular barcode scanner. Your barcode scanner might be plugged in and that might be like a tethered that’s connected to like a RS 232 cable or might be connected to a USB or a comport cable.

This is another device.

If you could look at the back over here, it actually tells you what PN. The PN is actually MC 9060 and then the serial number is there. When we’re looking for a certain serial number or part number especially for a new one. Lots of questions come up is like what kind of scanner do you have that in it? Now, if you look at the scanner, you could the letters that say GF0HBGB00WW that is the part number of the MC 9060 and that tells us a lot of information.

The amount of ramen has in it, display, monochrome back then or color and the most important thing is a type of scanner that part number hasn’t it because of a lot of these devices they might have a long-range barcode scanner, a short-range barcode scanner and when we go replace this or repair this we need to know if we can repair it. If we can’t repair your barcode scanner or RF barcode scanner then what we’ll do is we’ll actually provide you a quote for a replacement and we can solve this to you for roughly about 295 Canadian starting. That’s with a standard range barcode scanner because if we can’t repair it then we’ll just offer you a new one.

Sometimes there’s no point in getting so many parts repaired on unless it’s underneath the contract. Well, our contract starts around $20 per handheld device or repair but if there’s physical damage like the image below, if it is completely crushed and it doesn’t turn on that is just DOA a data owner unit not even worth fixing.

We just don’t bother repairing. Well, just offer you a replacement for about 295 and that’s just because of the scan engine. If the scan engine is a basic scanner that’s the price you’ll get.

If you want a more aggressive scanner that has a long-range or a 2D imager or a lauric scanner that doesn’t near fat it’s like a 1D, 2D scanner then it’ll be more expensive. It’ll probably be about 4 or 50 to 500 dollars for that device. But like I mentioned if they have a lot of physical damage, it’s been crushed it’s not worth fixing.

In the image below you can see that particular scanner you can see a dent. I want to show what happened here and you can see it on the video at the top. If this falls, it’s hard to function this glass. It’s almost like someone stabbed it and did it on purpose. Still works. I just have to press it hard but it still does work. The majority of the time these scanners and get fixed with a software patch.

In today’s blog I just wanted to go over. Our company does in terms of barcode scanner repair. We fix a lot of these on track started about $20 a month per unit for the standard if it has a different scan engine. Then it goes a little bit more like I mentioned you can pick these up from us for about 295 fully refurbished with a one year warranty.

I just want to go over one more thing is, when you do get this scanner back or you lose the settings and doesn’t connect to the radio. One feature here that you should always look at is just making sure 802 11D is turned off.

I’m gonna go over here and go over to options and press enter.

Now if you go to the drop-down box.

If you go to regulatory. See right there enable 802 11D

If you unselect that and save it. That will allow you to connect to your wireless network as soon as you set up your profile within fusion. That is the common mistake that I see with these devices that are running Pocket PC or Windows CE. Make sure 802 11 D is turned off.

I just make this quick blog and video for you guys just to describe I guess the contracts that we do and how we fix them, common mistakes and if you need to get contact with us to get a contract going. Just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Barcode Scanner Repair in Toronto Canada

If your searching for a barcode scanner company to repair most of your Zebra, Symbol, Motorola or Intermec / Honeywell devices please give us a call. 416-350-8032 We have a simple process for your to request an RMA to have your MC90909 or MC92n0 or MC9060 repaired in our Toronto/Markham service centre. Contracts start at $20 per unit.