//Barcode RF Zebra Motorola Scanner Repair in Markham Toronto

Barcode RF Zebra Motorola Scanner Repair in Markham Toronto

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I wanted to make this video and blog for you guys. A lot of our customers were asking about our barcode scanner repair services. We do offer barcode scanner repair services in Toronto Canada as well as in the United States.

Our shipping location and Depot’s we have one in Markham Canada. Outside of Toronto we have one Atlanta Georgia and in California. I want to show you the most popular barcode scanner unit or RF kind that we repair and this is probably the most popular device that we have on the market or that’s most widely used. This is called a Motorola Symbol MC9090, 9060, 92N0, 9300, etc.

This is the barcode scanner that just came back from repair. A lot of our customers are asking. What are your prices? What is your per unit per month contract maintenance contract for 20 units? This barcode scanner that I hold in the image above is not too expensive to fix overall. This is an MC9060. Usually what we require when you send your unit into us or before you send it into us so, we can get you a proper per unit per month contract is over here (image shows below). You’ll see a part number. It says art:MC9090-GJOhJJFA6WR that is the part number that you need to send us to. So, we can get to a proper boat on the handheld RF scanner itself. It can give you a per unit per month contract. That part number will tell us how much you have in here, how much storage also the type of scanner which is important.

We stop the standard HD Scanner. Let say you have 2D 3D images that are very rare that we can’t get parts. Then your contract might be a little bit higher. Typically most customers have like the Lorax the 1D 2D scanner imager.

Like I mentioned what you need to do is send us an email for part number and quantity as well as tell me how many units you have and we can get you a contract right away. It is coming back a keypad overlay issue and the majority of the units that come in are pretty much. These are the main parts that we fix.

The keyboard overlay, a lot of times your keyboard gets smashed or you’re missing a button. This unit actually came back for a keypad overlay. You can take a look at how we installed the keypad on it. This is the quality that we provide our customers in Toronto. This keypad overlay almost brand new.

I will turn on this. As you can see it’s running windows mobile. We completely reinstalled the OS, latest firmware, and the latest drivers. It works. Touchscreen works and everything is fine. If you want us to reload your wireless network settings, your software is also an option underneath your maintenance contract. The best thing to do is to contact us. That is one of the main issues when these units come in.

The second part is the digitizer which is the display. It’s either one cracked or it’s not working touchscreen. Then, we replace the digitizer itself. If it is physically crushed then we wouldn’t recommend changing or servicing that unit. We would sell you another unit for about $300 we’ll give you a refurbishing it would look like this instead of spending X amount of money to get it fixed.

If the mainboard in here needs to be replaced then it’s not covered in meet the warranty that’s additional like $200 cutting to 20 to fix it but here are some other things that usually go wrong with it.

The scan engine here is what’s covered as well so we can fix that scanning engine as long as not the board. We will fix that scan engine inside, the trigger is a common part.

Another issue, if your unit keeps losing its settings. Let say you reload the settings. The warehouse worker is using your RF gun in the scanner and it keeps losing the settings, the network, the application, etc. that is probably your backup battery because your backup battery holds all of your information in there. Now, when a backup battery dies or can hold any of that at storage or information. When you fix your barcode scanner when it gets sent to us. For example, you’ll see like a scanner but in the trigger the display digitizer in the back. An engine and keyboard overlay, those are the main things that we fix and then if your unit was not underneath the contract or you didn’t want to go with the contract. We can do it as billable time and material service. So, for our on-site work, we charge about 125 an hour.

Anything that you need us to go, you know to configure your wireless access points configure your scanners so it connects. Reload your software etc. It’s 125 per hour and now if you wanted to know more about our rates for fixing these units. The rates if it wasn’t underneath aper unit, per month contract.

So, on this particular unit, the keypad got replaced the digitizer display so it’ll work, and then the trigger got replaced and that cost to our customer was a hundred and thirty-nine dollars to get it replaced that included her time in the material. I did include shipping so if you needed us to go on. If you wanted us to drop off the unit’s usually what we do in Toronto is our text or myself will go on site.

We’ll pick up your unit six or seven at the same time. Regular professional services that we do like whether it’s cleaning your printers preventive maintenance adjusting your wireless access points fixing other scanner guns and we pick them up. Drop them off get them repaired and then drop them off or what you can do is send us your UPS Purolator or FedEx account and we’ll just ship them back on your account that takes care of the shipping.

That’s the rough estimate. It got three things that were fixed on this it was about 135 240 dollars digitizer got replaced brand new keyboard like this and the trigger. If you want a quote for a barcode scanner maintenance contract. Message me. Brought it in a video group or contact our support center phenomenal form we have the RMA.

If you go to the top of our website barcode scanner repair. If you come to barcode printer & scanner repair. In there, there are a few instructions on how to fill out the RMA form but basically, you just come here and click here. Now, it’s gonna bring up to a page this is where you submit your RMA form.

Like I mentioned in my video prior to filling out this information. You need to send us an email with just an issue of just saying, we need to send in ten guns we need an RMA number we’ll provide an RMA number and all you need to do is fill out the form and then submit.  

Barcode RF Zebra Motorola Scanner Repair in Markham Toronto

Repair costs and procedures on how to get your Zebra, Motorola and Symbol MC9060, MC9090, MC92N0, MC9300 repaired.

Our facility in Toronto , Canada can take care of all your warehouses across Canada. We also have barcode repair services in Atlanta, GA and out West in California.

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